“Chatting Shite”

Text piece with reading by actor – 2017

The world is at a point of anguish. At this momentous time of change it is important that we tackle issues head on, and look to the future. We will take a balanced approach, and deliver a practical solution. We will no longer accept those who are all talk and no action, constantly complaining, yet never doing anything about it. We didn’t choose to be in this position. In common with most people across the state, I wish that we weren’t. But we are, and the stakes are high. Until developments occurs in the next few weeks, it will not become clear, and so we must have a plan for the way forward. This is not a game, or a time for opposition for oppositions sake. The option of ‘no change’ is no longer available, and from this day forward, we will be governed by a new vision. At times like these, it is more important than ever to have a clear plan for the way ahead – to try, as far as is possible, to be in control of events and not just at the mercy of them. Let us approach this optimistically, continually contribute to the process of planning, and look to the future. The problem with doing nothing now is that, by the time these fears are realized, it will be too late for us to all enjoy the same glorious freedoms. We will provide certainty wherever we can, however it cannot be stated that everybody will be able to know everything at every stage. However frustrating some people find it, the system will not be pressured into saying more than I believe it is in our interest to say, and those who urge us to reveal more, will not be acting towards the benefit of the collective. What I can promise, is that the right powers will be given to the right people. I do not receive my authority from the pre-existing paradigm which is narrow and only serves a limited few people. I look elsewhere for alternatives that will be of service to humanity. I am confident that the objectives I am setting out today are consistent, and in the interest of the wider world. At times of change and uncertainty, the instinct to do nothing and just hope for the best is understandable. But, in my view, it is not the right one. You can respond by trying to hold things together by force, tightening a vice-like grip that ends up crushing into pieces the very things you want to protect, or you can respect difference, and cherish it. It is our duty to remain at the forefront of collective endeavours to better understand, and make better, the world in which we live. These are just and reasonably demands of righteous people and a righteous public, and of course this weighs heavily on me. The blunt truth, as we know, is that there was not enough flexibility on many important matters – although it is undeniably true that only systems that serve the planet and serve the population of the planet can be allowed to survive. This has implications for our society – how open, welcoming, diverse and fair we will be in future? I understand why some take opposing views and this, for me, is a key consideration. I am very committed to what I am doing, and wish for the significant improvements of the previous term to continue progressing. Protection will lead to greater prosperity and strength, with the opportunities ahead suggesting a potentially brighter future. We do not seek to impose our way of life on anyone, but rather to let it shine as an example. Our purpose is clear; we will work to avoid a disruptive cliff edge, improving the current situation not for the few, but for the many. The future depends on this momentous decision. I trust the people to make their choice.


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