Spring Green

For months now, I have been holding on to this strange object that I found in the street. It is a circle of bendy mental rods, extending out from a plastic cog-like shape, that is set on an axis and so can easily and quickly spin around the base on which it is set.  As I found it in one of the cobbled streets down by Union Square, I assumed it was originally part of some kind of industrial machinery, as there are a few factories in that area – I think mainly for processing fish.

I brought it into the studio, cleaned it up, and then attached some green pompoms to it with the aim of making it look a little less cold and more whimsical. Since then I have done very little with it apart from play, as it is actually quite amusing to sit and spin it, or ping it. For this reason, I took it into the project space with me one day, with the hope of inspiring myself towards utilising it somehow.





I found doing this to be helpful, as now I have some recordings of how it moves and can be interacted with to look on when thinking about including it some kind of sculptural work.

I recently saw a Spring Green (an affection nickname I have for this object) in its natural environment – Morrison’s on King Street. I found this to be a little anti-climactic, as these forms are actually attached to the top of lampposts in an attempt to stop birds sitting atop them. Although this seems a kinder way than the usual aggressive spikes protruding from most high places, it still seems a bit disappointing. Now that I have realised this object’s original purpose, I notice it quite frequently, and the obscurity of the shape is somewhat ruined.

The name Spring Green seems appropriate as it is both springy and green. I also like that it sounds like the name of an extremely bad teenage rapper, and reminds me of vegetables.

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