Polystyrene Rendition

Recently I have been working on creating a series of instructions for interacting with polystyrene. This has included written rules, films of me performing said rules and recordings of me reading them out. Whilst in the recording booth, I decided I should try reciting the exercises in more creative ways. This lead to me playing some songs and trying to sing the rules in time with the lyrics, a surprisingly difficult endeavour.

This is incredibly cringe and not something I will be continuing further, but thought I might as well keep a record of it anyway. I also just really like photoshopping my polystyrene object into places it is very irrelevant and definitely unnecessary, like the following album covers.

Polystyrene It Up (And Start Again)

Orange Album

This is a song that I have been listening to a lot recently, and so it was the first on my selection of recently played songs offered by Spotify. As I know the tune well, I thought it would be easy enough to simply replace the regular words with my own polystyrene inspired instructions. However, I was wrong – it was very awkward. Much like my rendition of the song, the album artwork is very unconvincing.

The following is a film taken on my computers webcam (or whatever it is called), of me watching the film I took of myself whilst performing this song. I can physically feel myself cringing listening to these recordings, not least because I am not gifted in the voice department, so I just thought it would be fun to see what my reaction looks like.


Polystyrene Cars

Cars ALbum


This song was actually one of the easier ones to sing along to, as it has such a definite rhythm that I could try and get in time to. This was my favourite of the album covers that I made, as the objects are actually fitted into the image in a way that wasn’t just be chucking them in the middle. Also, it almost looks a wee bit rude – like Numan is holding a couple of deformed polythene dicks.



Sunshine On Polystyrene

Sunshine Album

This song has kind of a nostalgic value to me, which made it quite strange to sing with lyrics that don’t mean anything. I still found the tune to be emotive, which created a bizarre level of feeling to have whilst singing about polystyrene. It was relatively easy to keep time, as the rhythm is much slower than I had previously tried. This may have also been because I know the tune very well, as i’m more of a Proclaimers fan than I care to let on.


Polystyrene Feel Love

Love Album

I uploaded a short clip of me singing over Bronski Beat’s ‘I Feel Love’, but it got removed by Soundcloud for copyright reasons. I am glad of this for two reasons; firstly, that must mean that it was actually vaguely recognisable (which surprises me), and secondly, it was probably the most embarrassing of the clips here as my vocal range does not extend to anywhere near the lengths required by this song.


All Singing All Dancing Polystyrene

Full Album


The following is a ‘mash up’ of all of the above recordings.

The previously single songs have now combined to make one mega-song, and one mega-album-artwork.


Films of me in the sound booth attempting to sing my instructions for interacting with polystyrene are shown below:

(the second one only has a section of the Sunshine on Leith cover, as I did some very questionable filming of myself)


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  1. Thanks, Phoebe, made me laugh out loud on the train. People were giving me funny looks. (Tell them you’ve already got one, as J would say!) Axx


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