Lets Get Physical

Having spent a lot of my time interacting with the polystyrene object whilst the thing itself was static, I decided I wanted to try and experiment with being slightly more physical. I had the grand plan that I would do a forward roll whilst holding the object – it would be the axis, while I played the role of wheel. This was beyond optimistic, as apparently even a normal forward roll is beyond my athletic ability.

The following is me trying to prove to myself that I am not past the age where rolling comes naturally, but sadly it seems that those gleeful days are in fact behind me.


After some wandering around, trying to hold and throw the polystyrene around in different ways, I decided to dance with it.


I found this to be fun, and enjoyably different to the static nature of my previous experiments. Afterwards, I added music – Mendelssohn’s Hebrides Overture (Fingal’s Cave), a song that I just can’t seem to get out of my head since visiting the island that it is inspired by in the summer. This made it seem more choreographed that it did with silence, almost like some less than amateur (terrible) stage performance.¬†Something I did like about this film, is that it almost looks like the polystyrene is an extension of my arm – an awkward and ugly growth that I have decided to embrace in the pursuit of dance.



The following are some videos of me trying to think. This includes using different objects to try and explore the space in a different way, playing the polystyrene as if it were a musical instrument, and (of course) drinking coffee.





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