Long, Boring and Unsuccessful

A game of endurance:

This was a monotonous process, which often become quite frustrating, and liked the idea of how boring this would be for anyone watching it. If anyone did sit through the whole six minutes, they would see the hoop finally land on the object – a thoroughly expected outcome. The repetitively dull sound of the hoop missing its target and hitting the ground started to be amusing to me, as it became a noise of bored failure.

This is a heavily condensed version of proceedings.

An un-achieveing exercise:

I had planned to film myself throwing all four of the hoop-y shapes over the target in a specific order, getting more difficult with each shape more awkward than the one previous, and hopefully ending with four shapes sitting around the polystyrene. The last shot is very enjoyable to me, with all of the objects laid strewn across the floor – definitely not the way I had intended – in some kind of visual sigh.

Here is another concise version of the previous video.

Probably an un-achievable goal:

For this video, I was doing the exact same as the first one but with the larger and bluer of my polystyrene forms. This I thought would be funny as the outcome of landing the hoop on an object larger than it was probably impossible. I attempted this for almost ten minutes and then decided to give up. It would be good to show this film on a loop, as a never-ended endeavour to a pointless end.

An even worse attempt:

For this final film I got my polystyrene friend to try and hoopla me. They were even worse than I was.


Long, boring and unsuccessful: (Grande Finale)







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